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Chinoiserie Inspired

Oct 30, 2017

It takes a creative mind to come up with a concept and then a resourceful attitude to gather like-minded wedding experts to realise the idea. An oriental inspired Chinoiserie theme has been on trend for the past number of years. Be it a Shanghai Night wedding banquet or a pre-wedding shoot inspired by the East, the concept is an interesting one and one that speaks to the heritage of many couples of Chinese descent. Here are some images from a collaborative photoshoot that will give you an idea of how this concept may eventuate.

Chinoiserie concept by Nupts & Such, Hair and makeup by Beauty Haven
Photo courtesy of Mphotoo

Beautiful embroidery
Photo by of Mphotoo, courtesy of The Mod House

Oriental look by Beauty Haven
Accessories by Juwelen Design, photo courtesy of Mphotoo

Red heels
Photo courtesy of Mphotoo, courtesy of Moment Shoes

Complementing the theme
Qipao by The Mod House, shoes by Moment Shoes

Elements to take into account :

  • A venue that provides the necessary setting and ambience.
  • Attire with an Oriental twist.
  • Complementary accessories including shoes and jewellery.
  • Appropriate hair and makeup.

Photo courtesy of Mphotoo

Two-piece outfit
Gown by The Mod House, accessories courtesy of Juwelen Design

East meets West
Photo by of Mphotoo, courtesy of The Mod House

Oriental makeup and hair by Beauty Haven
Gown by The Mod House, photo by of Mphotoo

Oriental concept by Nupts & Such
Photo by of Mphotoo


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