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Gowns For The Evening

Apr 01, 2019

Having an evening gown that dazzles the crowd is an apt conclusion to the ‘fashion’ aspect of a wedding. Without a doubt, the bride will be the centre of attention, and feeling confident and looking like a million bucks during the wedding banquet are what every bride hopes to achieve.

A gold and ivory creation 
Photo courtesy of Jojo Bridal Design 

A strapless bustier gown
Photo courtesy of Silver Hearts Bridal

A vibrant hue
Photo by Louis Loo Photography, courtesy of MOEP Gown Designer

The options for the bride include :

  • Purchase off-the-rack.
  • Have a gown custom-designed and custom-made.

Contrasting shades
Photo by Plan A Production, courtesy of Inzpire

A plunging back
Photo courtesy of Emcee Bridal, byMeichi

A custom creation
Photo by Quarter A Production, courtesy of That Special Occasion

Design with a cut-out
Photo courtesy of Jojo Bridal Design 

Intricate detailing
Photo courtesy of Eleusis

Combinations of texture
Photo courtesy of Eleusis

Brides are spoilt for choice nowadays as there are boutiques that carry off-the-rack evening gowns as well as designer studios that offer made-to-measure pieces as well. Some issues to ponder include :

  • Lead time – how much time have you got left to your wedding day? The less time there is, the more likely you will  have to consider the off-the-rack option.
  • Budget – all things being equal, a custom-made gown will likely be more expensive than an off-the-rack garment.
  • Exclusivity – do check how many pieces of an off-the-rack design have been produced in order to ascertain the likelihood of someone attending your wedding in the same dress.

An embellished Oriental inspired gown
Photo courtesy of Emcee Bridal, byMeichi

Gold lace applique
Photo by Za Gallery, courtesy of That Special Occasion

Contrast of colour and texture
Photo by Louis Loo Photography, courtesy of MOEP Gown Designer

A striking hue
Photo by A Studio, courtesy of Inzpire

A fluid silhouette
Photo courtesy of Jojo Bridal Design 

A strong emerald shade
Photo courtesy of Silver Hearts Bridal


Tip : Do some research and have an idea of what you like prior to sitting down with a designer. Have a look here.