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An Eye For Detail

Feb 01, 2019

How comprehensive and artistic the resultant images from your wedding day will be, will largely depend on the eye of the photographer.

The gown
Photo courtesy of Shensnaps Photography

Accessories for the groom
Photo courtesy of Momento Wedding

What the bride wore
Photo courtesy of Momenz Creation

What the groom wore
Photo courtesy of Light Feather Studios

Photo courtesy of Pixel Tree

As such, during the process of selecting your preferred photographer, do consider the following :

  • Whilst you should always take into account the budget you have set aside for actual wedding day photography, it should not be the only criteria you contemplate. Equally as important are their stylistic inclination and artistry.
  • The better you get along with the photographer, the better. After all, a relaxed attitude and effective communication are key.
  • View a range of their portfolio of work rather than just appointing them based on a few select images.
  • Their experience in covering the type of wedding you plan to have.

Jewellery and accessories
Photo courtesy of The Muzes

The wedding bands
Photo courtesy of Armadale Weddings

The bride and groom
Photo courtesy of

Traditional attire
Photo courtesy of Ooi Eric Studio

Lovely quotes
Photo courtesy of SA Wedding Studio

I do
Photo courtesy of Cliff Choong Photography

A few tips :

  • More expensive is not necessarily always better, but do be wary if the rates are ridiculously low.
  • Reflect on this, do you prefer quality images or do you wish for quantity to be delivered. It really depends on your preference, neither is right nor wrong.
  • Always appoint a point-person your photographer can refer to throughout the day’s proceedings.
  • Good photographers are always in demand, as such, make a decision promptly and secure their services by paying a deposit or booking fee.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Kok Moments

What it's all about
Photo courtesy of 3PM Studio

Table setting
Photo courtesy of Grant Corban Weddings

Stage and pelamin
Photo courtesy of MedyandMika

Photo courtesy of Steven Leong Photography

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