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Different Perspectives On The Day

Nov 01, 2020

Each wedding photographer will have his or her own perspectives when documenting your wedding day. Artistic inclination and stylistic preferences aside, each wedding is unique, offering each photographer a different circumstance by which to document this special day in your lives. Here are some different points of view.

A play on light
Photo courtesy of Aplind Yew Production

Getting ready
Photo courtesy of Ace Of Films

An emotional hug
Photo courtesy of Akmalphotoworks

Photo courtesy of Cliff Choong Photography

A lovely quote
Photo courtesy of Dicson C Photography

Do note the following :

  • The various price points of each photographer.
  • Track record and reputation as well as branding are reflected in rates.
  • Scrutinise packages and determine deliverables.

Bridesmaid and flowers
Photo courtesy of Emvee Productions

Whose bag is that
Photo courtesy of Exes Studio

Components of a wedding ceremony
Photo courtesy of Grant Corban Weddings

Beautifully framed
Photo courtesy of Jef de Studio

The raison d'etre
Photo courtesy of Light Feather Studios

In view of the new norm that we are living in at present, many photographers are offering good deals to encourage couples to commit to not only a wedding date but also their photography services. As such, it may be a good idea to be upfront and ask your shortlisted candidates if there are any promotions to be had.

Reactions to a bouquet toss
Photo courtesy of MedyandMika Productions

Colour coordinated
Photo courtesy of Momento Wedding

The bride and groom no doubt
Photo courtesy of NWorks Photography

The bride's entourage
Photo courtesy of Ooi Eric Studio

A thematic setting
Photo courtesy of Pixel Tree

A few tips :

  • It is best to provide your photographer carte blanche to exercise her creativity and artistic eye.
  • Be sure to brief your photography team thoroughly on the schedule of events as well as people, things or settings that they should look out for.
  • Establish a good rapport so that you will feel at ease on your wedding day.

An important guest
Photo courtesy of Steven Leong Photography

In prayer
Photo courtesy of

Serving tea
Photo courtesy of Sunnysan Photography

The Who's Who
Photo courtesy of The Cross Effects


Tip : Meet with the photographers listed here to get their very own perspectives here, here and here.