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The Wedding Banquet

Aug 01, 2019

Other than the exchange of vows, the wedding banquet can arguably be considered one of the most significant events of the wedding day. It is certainly and undoubtedly the component of the wedding that requires the most investment in terms of funds, time and planning. Indeed, there is much to be done, be it menu and beverage selection, décor, entertainment, guest seating, the list goes on.

Artistic photobooth backdrop
Photo courtesy of GNG Weddings

With the banquet the centrepiece of the wedding day’s celebration, photographing the various elements of the event falls on the shoulders of the appointed photography team. The larger the guest list, the bigger the team required to cover the evening comprehensively.

Seating plan
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Typically, the couple and their planner would have had the opportunity to brief the photographers on the schedule of event and the essentials that need to be documented. Some of the components to take note of may include the following:

  • Arrival of guests and registration as well as pre-dinner cocktails.
  • Candid photography at a photobooth.
  • Seating plans and place cards.
  • The setup of the entire ballroom.
  • Décor elements.
  • The main table.
  • Table and place settings as well as the inherent details.
  • The walk-in.
  • The wedding cake and cake-cutting.
  • Popping the champagne and champagne-pouring.
  • Entertainment.
  • Speeches.
  • Toasts.
  • The first dance.
  • Mingling with guests.
  • Spontaneous group photos.
  • Bidding farewell.

Framed images
Photo courtesy of Pixel Tree

Some suggestions:

  • As the images captured will be memories to last a lifetime, be sure to hire a photography team that is adequate in size. This is especially so if you wish to have each table of guests photographed.
  • Remember to offer your photographers a meal prior to the commencement of the wedding banquet.

Wedding aisle
Photo courtesy of Ooi Eric Studio

Unique setting of main table
Photo courtesy of Momenz Creation

Photo courtesy of Momento Wedding

Place setting
Photo courtesy of SA Wedding Studio

Table setting
Photo courtesy of Dennis Yap Photography

Photo courtesy of Shensnaps Photography

Photo courtesy of MedyandMika

Photo courtesy of NWorks Photography

Cute after cake-cutting
Photo courtesy of Akmalphotoworks

Popping champagne
Photo courtesy of Cliff Choong Photography

Photo courtesy of LaFame Bridal Mansion

Champagne pouring
Photo courtesy of Steven Leong Photography

Dessert buffet
Photo courtesy of Armadale Weddings

Photo courtesy of Patrick Kok Moments

Photo courtesy of Grand Corban Weddings

Table to table
Photo courtesy of 3PM Studio

Photo courtesy of GNG Weddings


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