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Delightful Giveaways

May 01, 2021

Wedding favours not only act as a token of thanks but they can also complement your table décor.

Beautiful scented wax sachet
Photo courtesy of Zephyrie

Honey wedding favour
Photo courtesy of SS2U Wedding

Fun times and a great memento
Photo courtesy of GNG Weddings

When deciding on what favours to giveaway, consider the following :

  • Be unique and make a statement.
  • Stick to budget.
  • Order over-runs in case your guest list balloons at the last minute.
  • Each guest should receive his or her own favour.
  • A little note of thanks attached to the favour is a thoughtful gesture.

A photobooth at a beach wedding
Photo courtesy of Tagbooth Photobooth

Custom candle favour
Photo Steven Leong Photography, courtesy of Dorothy Scents

Gone are the days when a piece of cake or chocolates made great favours. Nowadays, couples have a variety of options to choose from. These tokens can be ordered from one of the following :

  • Specialty shops.
  • Wedding vendors who specialise in favours i.e. either ready made or customised.
  • Online retailers.
  • Flea markets.
  • Wholesalers.

Flower pendant bridesmaid gift
Photo courtesy of Evangeline Craft

Balm for the ladies
Photo courtesy of Evangeline Craft

Scented candles as bridesmaids' gifts
Photo courtesy of Dorothy Scents

Some trends :

  • Practicality is an important consideration as couples choose favours that their guests would find useful.
  • Support for local artisans and entrepreneurs is another meaningful aspiration of soon-to-be-weds.
  • Packaging that ties in with the overall wedding theme and table setting.

Photo courtesy of SS2U Wedding

Preparing for a wedding
Photo courtesy of Zephyrie

Beautifully packaged favours
Photo courtesy of Zephyrie


Tip : Select favours that enhance your table settings. Check out some of our partner vendors here.