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Dresses and Gifts for the Ladies

Apr 01, 2019

Most brides-to-be often offer the ladies in her entourage, namely the bridesmaids, a choice of a dress for the wedding ceremony, as well as present them with a gift in appreciation of their support leading up to and during the wedding day.

Such gestures certainly cement the friendship between the bride and her bridesmaids, marking the significance of their participation in such a milestone in the life of the former.

Customised hanger
Photo by MedyandMikacourtesy of Styleper

A pastel shade 
Photo by MedyandMika, courtesy of Emcee Bridal, byMeichi

Delicate tulle dress
Photo by MedyandMikacourtesy of Emcee Bridal, byMeichi

Choice of a bridesmaid dress :

  • Purchase off-the-rack or have them custom-tailored.
  • Consider colours, cut and fabric, in order to flatter all body shapes and sizes of your entourage.
  • If going the custom route, be sure to allocate sufficient time for designing, selection of fabrics as well as fittings.

Custom bridesmaid dresses
Photo by, courtesy of That Special Occasion

Bouquets and hair wreaths
Photo by Ashevin K Photoraphy, courtesy of Downers Florist Group

Handmade jewellery plates
Photo courtesy of Evangeline Craft

Happy sentiment
Photo courtesy of Evangeline Craft

Gifts :

  • A practical gift that can be used after the wedding will very much be appreciated by your bridesmaids.
  • Choose something unique that can be personalised, perhaps even handmade.
  • Remember, it is the thought that matters, and not necessarily the price tag.


Entourage of the bride
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Gifts for your bridesmaids
Photo by MedyandMika, courtesy of Styleper


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