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Fine Favours For Weddings

Aug 01, 2019

Expressing one’s appreciation and thanks for being part of a milestone such as a wedding has long been practised in our country. As a token of gratitude to guests for having taken the time to come join in the celebrations, couples are keeping with tradition by offering guests a little memento as a keepsake.

Handcrafted scented candle lovingly packaged
Photo courtesy of Dorothy Scents

Choices abound in the market. Inexpensive trinkets found in ‘pasar malams’ to exclusive designer items at sleek shopping malls are two extremes from which couples can choose from. Another option to consider would be specialty designers and retailers who focus on weddings. And it is this latter group who is gaining in popularity among soon-to-be-wed couples.

Beautifully crafted edible favours
Photo courtesy of Little Collins Cakery & Café

Customised cover for note pads
Photo courtesy of Evangeline Craft

Why are specialty designers and retailers attractive?

  • Relevant products – items that are a reflection of weddings.
  • Flexibility – pre-designed items can be adapted to one’s requirements.
  • Customisation – possibility of designing an item from scratch.
  • Exclusivity – a certain level of exclusivity as you are able to provide input into the design of the favours.

Edible favours being packed
Photo courtesy of Arifah Hot Oven

When having discussions with service providers, address the following issues:

  • Minimum buy – is there a minimum order quantity?
  • Copies – how many versions of the particular design are there?
  • Packaging – are they packed in a common box or can they be individually packaged?
  • Delivery – do they deliver or do you have to pick up?
  • Production – are they produced locally or sourced from abroad?
  • Lead time – how much time will  they need to produce the favours?

Oriental fan
Photo by Cliff Choong Photography, courtesy of SS2U Wedding

Photo strips make good mementos
Photo courtesy of GNG Weddings

Rest assured that the time and effort taken to select wedding favours will be worthwhile when you see your guests leaving with the mementos you have so painstakingly chosen.

Scented candle favours ready for the wedding
Photo courtesy of Dorothy Scents


Tip: Do not be afraid to share your ideas with service providers, no matter how uncommon your ideas may be. Have a look here.