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Well Chosen Favours

Dec 01, 2019

As a guest, it is always refreshing when one receives a well thought of wedding favour instead of the run-of-the-mill piece of cake or chocolate provided for by hotels’ wedding packages. A well chosen token of thanks attached with a note of appreciation speaks volumes more about the couple’s sincerity and gratitude towards their wedding guests.

 Striking coloured fan
 Photo by Cliff Choong Photography, courtesy of SS2U Wedding

Your selected favour could :

  • Reflect your interests and tastes or perhaps your wedding theme.
  • Be relatively inexpensive or extravagant depending on your budget. The idiom ‘it is the thought that counts’ holds true though.
  • Be ordered from a custom supplier or made on your own. The latter will be much appreciated if you have the talent and skill required.

Custom candles
 Photo courtesy of Dorothy Scents

Beach art trinket holders
 Photo courtesy of Evangeline Craft

Edible favours
 Photo courtesy of Arifah Hot Oven

Some tips :

  • It will be cheaper to buy favours in bulk.
  • If you decide to give an expensive favour, perhaps just allocate one per couple.
  • Pretty packaging adds value to the favour.
  • Personalise by tying on a tag with a thank-you note or consider using monogram stickers.

Beautifully packaged candles
 Photo courtesy of Dorothy Scents

Customised note covers
 Photo courtesy of Evangeline Craft

Doves salt and pepper shakers
 Photo courtesy of SS2U Wedding


Tip : Flea markets can also be a treasure trove for interesting finds. Have a look here for favour vendors