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A Unique Take On Flowers

Jul 01, 2019

When a floral designer or decorator is given freedom to express his or her creativity, the resultant outcome is usually a unique take on flowers. Without stifling boundaries being set, he or she is able to harness inspiration and intuition, stretching their abilities towards creating designs that are simple, effective yet interesting and attractive to the eye.

Setting for pre-wedding photography
Photo courtesy of, courtesy of Wishhper

A few tips :

  • Share your ideas, provide your event brief.
  • Allocate a reasonable budget.
  • Give them carte blanche.

Complementary floral design
Photo by Vinoth Raj Pillai, courtesy of WhichKraft Projekt

Beach wedding
Photo courtesy of Te'amo MY

Consider the following as well :

  • Flowers that would be in season during your wedding.
  • If your chosen flowers are somehow not available, what would the ‘backup’ blooms be?
  • Flowers and designs to reflect your wedding theme.

Floral accented welcome signage
Photo courtesy of Lady Boss The Florist

A unique circular design
Photo courtesy of Creativelines

Flowers incorporated into hantaran
Photo courtesy of Fleuri Flowers

Bouquet inspired by the tropics
Photo by Wondrous Vision, courtesy of Nook Flowers

Lovely combination of flowers
Photo courtesy of WhichKraft Projekt

Running centrepiece
Photo by Ooi Eric Studio, courtesy of Downers Florist Group

Backdrop with floral embellishments
Photo by Snap By Three Wedding Photography, courtesy of Ohara Florist

Elegant centrepiece
Photo courtesy of Forever Valentine Weddings

Tropical centrepiece
Photo by Wondrous Vision, courtesy of Nook Flowers

Car décor
Photo by Isimplez Photography, courtesy of The Petalist


Tip: Be willing to experiment. Meet these vendors.