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Interpretation Of Bridal Bouquets

Jun 01, 2020

Tell you what, we are going to leave this sweet and simple, and let the photos do the talking.

Shades of red  
Photo by NWorks Photographycourtesy of Ninety Seconds Florist Studio

A striking design 
Photo by NWorks Photography, courtesy of Hua Bar Floral Design

Variety of roses 
Photo by Cliff Choong Photographycourtesy of Hooray Decoration & Design

 A cascading bouquet
Photo by NWorks Photography, courtesy of Nook Flowers

Suffice to say, do contemplate these issues :

  • The availability of fresh flowers at present, and its impact on the design of the bridal bouquet.
  • Are preserved flowers or dried flowers options to consider?
  • Support local farmers by using local, seasonal blooms.
  • Price points of the various florists.
  • Each floral designer’s creativity, artistry and signature ‘looks’.

 Creative use of flora and fauna
Photo by, courtesy of Wishhper

An ivory theme 
Photo courtesy of Ohara Florist

A lovely arrangement 
Photo by NWorks Photographycourtesy of Faye's Florist & Gifts

A creative interpretation
 Photo by Cliff Choong Photography, courtesy of Te'amo MY


Tip : Discuss options with these floral designers.