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Intimate Venue Inspired By 1950s Canto Era

Mar 01, 2021

A unique and distinctive venue is always an exciting proposition as a wedding venue, particularly for soon-to-be-wed couples who are on the lookout for a thematic celebration at an event space that offers a setting that will ensure a memorable occasion.

An intimate venue of Oriental grandeur
Photo courtesy of Suzie Wong

1950s Canto-era inspired venue
Photo courtesy of Suzie Wong

Private suite for bachelor nights or hen parties
Photo courtesy of Suzie Wong

An intimate venue already decked out in a style that exudes Oriental grandeur, with a homage to the 1950s Canto era, undoubtedly exhibits the following virtues :

  • Décor already reminiscent of a Chinese themed wedding, for example, Shanghai Night, Lantern Festival and the like.
  • Décor enhancement only instead of having to allocate a large portion of the wedding budget to mimic the wedding theme.
  • The opulent setting lends itself to wedding photography, with a variety of backdrops to inspire wedding photographers.
  • The intimate space is perfect for a smaller guest list, ensuring a personalised experience for both the couple and their invited guests.
  • An opportunity to focus on Chinese cuisine to complement the setting and theme.
  • After parties can be hosted at the bar or private suites.

Private suite suited for wedding photography
Photo courtesy of Suzie Wong

Beautiful setting
Photo courtesy of Suzie Wong


Tip : Suzie Wong is certainly a unique and intimate venue, inspired by the 1950s Canto era, suited for personalised weddings, bachelor nights, hen parties and even wedding photography. More details here.