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A Range Of Options

May 01, 2019

When a couple goes in search of wedding jewellery, one of the criteria they look out for is the range of options a jeweller offers. Be it a designer’s collection or the opportunity of customisation, such variety allows soon-to-be-weds to weigh their preferences and choices, based on the budget that they have set aside for this purpose.

Naturally, their decision-making process will also be guided by some of the following :

  • The reputation of the jeweller.
  • The emphasis they place on wedding jewellery.
  • Design aesthetic.
  • Pricing levels.
  • Budget considerations.


Contemporary engagement rings
Photo courtesy of La Putri

Wedding bands
Photo courtesy of La Putri

Jewellery that a couple and their families may consider :

  • Wedding rings.
  • Pieces for the wedding banquet.
  • Gifts for the tea ceremony.


For the wedding banquet perhaps
Photo courtesy of La Putri

Beautiful earrings for the bride
Photo courtesy of La Putri

Earrings perhaps as a tea ceremony gift for the bride
Photo courtesy of La Putri


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