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Time To Plan Again

Jul 01, 2020

After taking a breather from pre-wedding photography for a couple of months, it’s now time to plan again for pre-wedding shoots. Naturally, local or interstate shoots may be easier to navigate at the present time when compared to overseas ones, but it should not stop all you soon-to-be-wed couples if your aspiration is travelling abroad to do such portraits.

Hand in hand
Photo courtesy of Ace Of Films

Beautiful smiles
Photo courtesy of Akmalphotoworks

Canal in Europe
Photo courtesy of All About Love Studio

A unique take
Photo courtesy of Aplind Yew Production

A lovely frame
Photo courtesy of Armadale Weddings

Some tips :

  • Initiate discussions with your chosen photographer in terms of potential destinations.
  • Keep tabs on the ever evolving situation with border controls as well as quarantine and social distancing measures being adopted by different states and countries.
  • Many airlines and hotels are offering great deals, so it pays to do some thorough research on the best fares and rates.

Streetscape in Australia
Photo courtesy of Avalon Bridal Couture

Iconic location in Perth
Photo courtesy of Click4Loves Photography

Intimate reception
Photo courtesy of Cliff Choong Photography

Bali beckons
Photo courtesy of LaFame Bridal Mansion

Photo courtesy of MedyandMika Productions

Discuss the following too with your photographer :

  • If there are any value-adds being offered during this time.
  • What are the destinations he or she is comfortable travelling to.
  • Suggested periods of travel.

Architectural detail
Photo courtesy of Momento Wedding

Thematic shoot
Photo courtesy of NWorks Photography

A cuddle
Photo courtesy of Ooi Eric Studio

A romantic evening
Photo courtesy of Steven Leong Photography

A stroll in the street
Photo courtesy of

Other considerations :

  • See if there are any special deals in the market for wedding attire.
  • Are makeup artists offering any promotions? Are they willing to travel with you?

Striking hues
Photo courtesy of V Gallery Wedding Studio

In the woods
Photo courtesy of Dicson C Photography

A somewhat retro vibe
Photo courtesy of The Cross Effects

Vintage car as a prop
Photo courtesy of Sunnysan Photography


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