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Apr 01, 2018

Shoes, whether for the bride, bridesmaids or flower girls, are an important component of wedding attire. For the most part, the bride and her friends will spend quite a bit of time searching for shoes, as for most, having the perfect pair of shoes is always an aspirational goal.

Custom-made for a bride
Photo by Jim & Nikki Photography, courtesy of Moment Shoes

Pearl hair pin
Photo by ZA Gallery, courtesy of Evangeline Craft

Chinese hairvine
Photo by Creative Clicks Photography, courtesy of Evangeline Craft

When in search of wedding shoes, consider the following :

  • You'll be on your feet throughout the day, so pay attention to comfort.
  • Ensure that the height of your heels has been taken into account when designing your wedding gown.
  • Being a prized possession for many, quality and workmanship are criteria to be met.
  • A destination wedding such as one on a beach will require flats whereas a bride celebrating in a city hotel will often wear heels.
  • For your flower girls, choose shoes that are easy to put on and remove.
  • And do remember to break-in your shoes before your wedding day!

Straps and bows
Photo by Louis Loo Professional Photography,
courtesy of Moment Shoes

Photo by Louis Loo Professional Photography,
courtesy of Moment Shoes

Similarly, when contemplating accessories, it is important to ensure that it complements the 'look' that you wish to achieve. For hair accessories in particular, they should work well with the hairstyle you wish to wear, and ought to also be easy to attach to your veil.

Wrist band
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Crystal and ribbon detail
Photo by Mphotoo, courtesy of Moment Shoes

A few tips :

  • Whilst it is possible to purchase ready-made accessories, it would be good to consider having them custom-made should your budget permit and should the price points be affordable.
  • Share photos and fabrics of your wedding attire with your accessories designer so that he or she can have a creative viewpoint to work with.
  • Sometimes giving your designer a free hand will result into creative designs that are unique and personal.

Hair pins,
Photo courtesy of Evangeline Craft


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