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A Good Fit Indeed

Dec 01, 2020

A good fit is important in order to look one’s best on the wedding day. In this regard, going the custom-made route is definitely an option to consider.

A close up
Photo by Cliff Choong Photography, courtesy of Wardrobe

Looking the part
Photo courtesy of Vestio Bespoke

Complementing his bride
Photo by Barly Production, courtesy of Bespoked

Why so? :

  • Made to your measurements.
  • Incorporate latest trends from the catwalk if you wish.
  • Selection of fabrics to choose from.
  • You can be as adventurous as you want.
  • Numerous fittings ensure a better fit.

Suited in tux
Photo by Cliff Choong Photography, courtesy of Wardrobe

Contrasting trim on the lapels
Photo by Studio Impressions, courtesy of Bespoked

The cost of a custom suit can range from affordable to high end, and will depend on :

  • Type of fabric.
  • Cut.
  • Craftsmanship.
  • Lead time provided.

All set for the groom
Photo courtesy of Vestio Bespoke

Another option to consider
Photo courtesy of Vestio Bespoke

Some suggestions :

  • If you have decided on custom attire, perhaps have them ready earlier for your pre-wedding shoot too.
  • Should budget be an issue, do not be afraid to share it with the custom tailors as they may be able to offer you options in order to meet your budget, albeit a reasonable one.
  • If you are an adventurous and fashion forward groom-to-be, how about adopting some current trends into your custom wedding attire. Discuss ideas with your appointed custom tailor.

Jacket and matching vest
Photo courtesy of Bespoked

Colourful lining
Photo courtesy of Bespoked

One thing is for sure, having a suit well tailored is bound to make one a stylish groom.

Options of styles
Photo courtesy of Wardrobe


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