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Dressing For The Occasion

Sep 26, 2017

The modern groom dresses for the occasion and heading to a custom-tailor for wedding attire is very much common as opposed to purchasing a suit off-the-rack.

Photo by Andy Phe Photography, courtesy of Bespoked

Pastel shades
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A tux
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Consider the following :

  • The reputation and stylistic inclination of the custom-tailor.
  • Price points and entry level costs.
  • The mileage you would want out of the suit i.e. one-time wear or multiple uses in future.
  • The budget you have allocated to wedding attire.

For the banquet
Photo courtesy of Styled Crew

Photo by Steven Leong Photography, courtesy of Sartorial Groom

Photo by Steven Leong Photography, courtesy of Sartorial Groom

A few tips :

  • Get recommendations from your other wedding vendors.
  • Check on seasonal promotions.
  • See if there a collaborative packages offered in conjunction with your fiancee’s gown designer.

Photo courtesy of Styled Crew

The advantages of customisation :

  • Always a better fit.
  • Selection of fabrics based on your budget.
  • A personalised suit done specifically for you.

Photo by James Day, courtesy of Bespoked


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