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The Suited Groom

Apr 01, 2020

Custom wedding attire is certainly the way to go for soon-to-be-grooms. A better fit, choice of fabric, made to measure, all these are indeed catalysts to drop by a custom tailor for a consult. The personalised service offered, particularly during the initial stages of your wedding planning process, will enable you to determine the budget to set aside for your wedding attire, both for the wedding ceremony as well as the banquet to follow.

The newlyweds
Photo by MunKeat Photography, courtesy of Bespoked

A three-piece outfit
Photo by Cliff Choong Photography, courtesy of Wardrobe

Do discuss the following :

  • The style, theme and formality of your wedding.
  • Do you wish to coordinate your attire with your fiancee’s bridal gown and evening gown, in terms of colour and texture?
  • The expected costs vs what you intend to spend.
  • Lead time required and the required number of fittings.

A stylish hue of blue
Photo courtesy of Vestio Bespoke

A tux
Photo courtesy of Vestio Bespoke

Some pointers :

  • Check if there are wedding packages available, especially if you plan to have attire tailored for the men in your family as well as groomsmen.
  • Ask if they offer accessories as well such as bow-ties, pocket squares and the like, items which may be part of your groomsmen’s get-up.

 Dressed to the nines
Photo by Cliff Choong Photography, courtesy of Wardrobe

Arrival for the reception
Photo by Barly Production, courtesy of Bespoked


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