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Dec 01, 2019

Grooms-to-be, groomsmen-to-be, fathers-in-law-to-be!  May we suggest you consider walking into a custom-tailor to check out the services they offer for weddings. Whilst it is true that custom wedding attire can be more costly than those purchased off-the-rack, there is no harm in exploring the custom option, particularly at the onset of your wedding planning process where you are still setting up your budget and allocating resources.

The groom in tails
 Photo by KC Chan Photography, courtesy of Bespoked

A striking hue
 Photo courtesy of Vestio Bespoke

The custom route :

  • A custom suit fits and falls better.
  • The same goes for shirts, vests and trousers too.
  • You have some input into the design.
  • Fabric options to choose from.
  • Unique attire created especially for you.
  • Personalised service and fittings, indeed an experience as part of the wedding process.

Fabric choices
 Photo by Ooi Eric Studio, courtesy of Wardrobe

Dapper indeed
 Photo courtesy of Wardrobe

Beautiful fabric and trim
 Photo by Studio Impressions, courtesy of Bespoked

Some advice :

  • Determine if you need to complement your partner’s wedding attire in terms of colour.
  • Negotiate a group rate if you are also ordering outfits for your groomsmen and family members.

A creative corner
 Photo courtesy of Vestio Bespoke

A more casual vibe
 Photo courtesy of Vestio Bespoke

Single or double breasted options
 Photo courtesy of Wardrobe

Tip : Go the custom route. Have a look here.