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Celebrate With The Ambience Of An ‘Old Kampung’

Mar 01, 2020

In these modern times, the longing for an experience of the ‘olden times’ can be prevalent among contemporary couples, particularly those who have had the experience of growing up in or visiting their hometowns in a more rural setting. The ‘kampung’ vibe, the ambience of village life, is what some couples look towards recreating for their wedding celebrations in the city. And a restaurant which embraces such a rustic setting is certainly one that fits the bill.

Prepping for a wedding reception 
Photo courtesy of Songket Restaurant​

Main table 
Photo courtesy of Songket Restaurant​

Some pointers :

  • Brainstorm ideas with your wedding planner, florist and decorator to conceptualise a wedding theme that enhances the existing features of the venue.
  • Communicate this theme to your family and invited guests so that they can perhaps dress accordingly and immerse themselves in the celebration so to speak.
  • Consider the possibility of having some customised dishes prepared by the restaurant’s culinary team, dishes that hark back to the times when you used to ‘balik kampung’ for festivities and celebrations.
  • Incorporate traditional music and entertainment into your wedding reception.

A dance performance during the wedding celebrations 
Photo courtesy of Songket Restaurant​

Rustic setting for the pelamin 
 Photo courtesy of Songket Restaurant​

Discuss some of these with the venue :

  • The number of guests it can accommodate.
  • Wedding packages and their inclusions.
  • Possibility of a food tasting prior to the wedding, especially if you are requesting special dishes to be served.
  • Logistics of parking for your guests.

Indoor wedding dinner 
Photo courtesy of Songket Restaurant​ 

Romantic table for two 
Photo courtesy of Songket Restaurant​


Tip : Make a reservation for lunch or dinner at Songket Restaurant to try its food and experience its rustic setting. More details of the restaurant here.