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Garden Weddings In Masai

May 01, 2020

A spacious garden setting for your exchange of vows ceremony. Then, choose whether to host an alfresco wedding reception under a starlit sky or a celebratory dinner indoors in the comfort of air-conditioning. When such opportunities are presented to soon-to-be-weds who are leaning towards more intimate and personalised wedding celebrations, chances are, they will undoubtedly place them high on their list of priorities.

Romantic setting for the vows
Photo courtesy of TJ Cove Garden

Benefits of hosting your wedding at an independently run property as such :

  • A chance of pretty much a free hand for you and your appointed wedding vendors to create a setting that reflects your wedding theme.
  • When artistically lit in the late afternoon, twilight and early evening, a sense of romance pervades the venue, creating the perfect ambience for a milestone that celebrates love.
  • Wedding packages that are detailed, yet customisable, allowing you room for negotiations to suit your preferences.

A garden wedding
Photo courtesy of TJ Cove Garden

Lovely props and décor
Photo courtesy of TJ Cove Garden

Look into the following during your discussions with the venue :

  • The number of guests they can accommodate.
  • What house rules are there to be adhered to. 

Alfresco reception
Photo courtesy of TJ Cove Garden

Indoor celebration
Photo courtesy of TJ Cove Garden


Tip : Take a drive to Masai in Johor and visit TJ Cove Garden. Have a look at their various venue options for wedding and check out their wedding packages. More details here.