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Nuptials In A Glasshouse

Oct 01, 2020

Oftentimes, soon-to-be-wed couples set out to look for a wedding venue that is unique. One that can be a backdrop from which to conceptualise a memorable celebration, befitting such a significant moment in their lives. A wedding setting in a glasshouse certainly fits the bill.

Spectacular glasshouse setting
Photo courtesy of Ampang Glasshouse

Wedding ceremony by day
Photo courtesy of Ampang Glasshouse

Exchange of vows by night
Photo courtesy of Ampang Glasshouse

A beautiful venue :

  • A glass façade that floods the venue with natural light during the day and provides a view of the skyline at night.
  • Complementary areas including a rooftop glasshouse, poolside garden and wood-panelled indoor space, offering flexibility when planning for your event.

Nuptials in progress
Photo courtesy of Ampang Glasshouse

Other features :

  • Modern audio visual system, makeup room and a host of other facilities that are suited to wedding celebrations.
  • Established relationships with professional and experienced wedding vendors from caterers to decorators and other categories in between.
  • In-house events team to assist in the planning process.

Outdoor celebration
Photo courtesy of Ampang Glasshouse

Some suggestions :

  • Bring along your wedding planner, decorator, photographer and cinematographer to have a look at the venue so that they have a firsthand experience of the settings possible.
  • Keep the size of your guest list concise for a personalised celebration.

Indoor reception
Photo courtesy of Ampang Glasshouse


Tip: Take a drive to Ampang Glasshouse to see for yourself the beautiful venue as well as to check on their wedding packages. More details here.