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Romantic Wedding Banquet

Jun 01, 2020

A romantic wedding banquet, and an ambience reflecting so, created by the artistry of the couple’s wedding planner and decorator, as well as the technical prowess and visual system capability of the venue, particularly its projection mapping feature.

Romantic ambience for the wedding banquet
Photo courtesy of De.Wan1958 by Chef Wan

A venue endowed with such a feature offers soon-to-be-wed couples and their wedding team the following :

  • Creative license to conceptualise and create a thematic setting.
  • Visually conceive an ambience that will captivate your invited guests.
  • Personalise your wedding celebration in terms of experience.

The newlyweds
Photo courtesy of De.Wan1958 by Chef Wan

Main table
Photo courtesy of De.Wan1958 by Chef Wan

The following attributes also contribute to the venue being one that is suited for wedding celebrations :

  • A well-known, strategic location that guests can easily get to.
  • A well-regarded reputation for Malaysian cuisine.
  • A cuisine team helmed by a respected culinary figure and a service team trained in events.
  • Choice of set menus or customised options.
  • Arresting interior design that catches the eye, serving as a backdrop for wedding photography.

Thematic backdrop
Photo courtesy of De.Wan1958 by Chef Wan

Some suggestions :

  • Why not invite the wedding team you have assembled for either a lunch or dinner at the venue, providing them with a first-hand look of the venue and experience its culinary creations.
  • Have your wedding photographer and cinematographer do a site recce to study the lighting the venue accords.

Photobooth backdrop
Photo courtesy of De.Wan1958 by Chef Wan


Tip : Make a reservation for a meal at De.Wan1958 by Chef Wan and while there, check out their wedding venue as well. More details here.