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A Cinematic Experience

Nov 30, 2017

Hiring an experienced and professional cinematographer to capture your wedding day as it unfolds can be one of the most worthwhile decisions you make during the wedding planning process.

Although we sometimes think that we would seldom re-watch the wedding video and therefore focus more on investing in photography, often we hear couples lamenting that they wished they had put aside some funds to create a meaningful and concise audio-visual reminder of their wedding day.

Ready to pick up the bride
Photo courtesy of SA Wedding Studio

Photo courtesy of Lovebirds Video

Father of the bride
Photo courtesy of Awesome Studios

Photo courtesy of Motion In Style Cinematography

Photo courtesy of 3PM Studio

Some tips :

  • View the portfolio of work of those whom you have shortlisted.
  • Determine what their packages include and how they can be customised to meet your specific requirements.
  • Introduce your cinematographer to your other wedding vendors, in particular your photographer.
  • Advise your chosen vendor on any situations that you anticipate may be worthwhile capturing prior to the wedding.

Photo courtesy of Shutterspeak Studio

Photo courtesy of Lestony Lee Photography

Photo courtesy of

Photo by Jim Liaw Photography, courtesy of 3Reel Studio


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