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Capturing Sights and Sounds

Mar 01, 2019

The wedding video, being an audio visual narrative of your wedding, is able to capture what a camera cannot, the raw emotions of this milestone through the sense of sight and sound. An entire range of emotions conveyed in the form of facial expressions, speech, laughter, amusement and many tender moments can be documented ‘live’, enabling you to re-live what is possibly one of the happiest days of your lives in future. 

Getting ready
Photo courtesy of Momenz Creation

The groomsmen
Photo courtesy of Light Feather Studios

At the forefront of the wedding video market are industry professionals who only specialise in videography. Alternatively, a number of photographers also offer wedding videography as an extension of their services.

Pertinent questions to ask your videographer :

  • What is their signature style of shooting a wedding video?
  • How long have they been shooting wedding videos and how many have they done?
  • What equipment do they use and are there backup video cameras?
  • Is the videographer you are speaking to going to be the one filming your wedding?
  • Have they worked with your photographers before? Are they able to coordinate with each other?

A lovely moment
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Photo courtesy of SA Wedding Studio

Exchange of rings
Photo courtesy of Armadale Weddings

The newlyweds
Photo courtesy of Motion In Style

Entrance of the newly weds
Photo courtesy of 3PM Studios


Tip : Have your videographer work closely with your photographer. Check this out.