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Feelings And Emotions

Apr 01, 2020

The wedding day is certainly a day filled with much feeling and emotions. Not only for the bride and groom, but for their parents, siblings, friends and even their invited guests. After all, everyone invited to be part of the celebrations have a relationship with either the bride or groom, or both, and seeing them be united in matrimony on this special milestone will undoubtedly stir emotions of pride and joy.

A special moment for the groom and his father
Photo courtesy of Light Feather Studios

A tender moment
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A kiss for the bride
Photo courtesy of Motion In Style

The groom reacts
Photo courtesy of Armdale Weddings

Indeed, many touching and sentimental moments abound on the wedding day. They add another dimension to the happiness exuded by all, with a range of sentiments experienced by all those so lucky to be present to witness this special day.

 Happy tears
Photo courtesy of 3PM Studio

A father's pride
Photo courtesy of Jef de Studio

Happiness shared by all
Photo courtesy of Ace Of Films

A sign of respect
Photo courtesy of Subtle Films

Capturing such feelings and emotions, both visual as well as audio, is the responsibility of the couple’s cinematographers, professionals who are adept in catching such expressive moments as they unfold throughout the day, both at the ceremony as well as the wedding reception. Do put aside a reasonable budget to hire a team who will spread themselves out in the crowd, providing them with ample opportunities to document instances of interaction that you would otherwise miss out on experiencing.

 Much joy
Photo courtesy of Aplind Yew Production

 Here's to you
Photo courtesy of Cine Wedding Studio

Celebration in full swing
Photo courtesy of Drawn Production

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