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Instances In Time

Jul 01, 2020

There are numerous instances on a wedding day that are meaningful to the newlyweds, and to be perfectly honest, it will be impossible to document every single one of these moments. What one can hope for is for one’s appointed cinematographer to capture as many of these as possible, using his or her experience and eye for detail as well as knack for tuning into emotional exchanges. When this is attained, you can be sure of a wedding film that will speak to you as a couple and one that will tug at the emotional heartstrings.

Makeup underway
Photo courtesy of Subtle Films

Veiling the bride
Photo courtesy of Light Feather Studios

A helping hand
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Look out for the following attributes :

  • Amiability and how well your personalities gel.
  • Track-record and experience.
  • A creative streak and artistic vision, as evidenced in portfolio of work.
  • Enthusiastic and passionate disposition.
  • Punctuality and promptness.

A dance is necessary
Photo courtesy of Ace Of Films

Walking down the aisle
Photo courtesy of Emvee Productions

Bouquet toss
Photo courtesy of Jef de Studio

Discuss the following as well :

  • Equipment and size of team.
  • Duration of coverage.
  • Schedule of events.
  • Persons of interest to take note of.
  • Package and its inclusions.
  • Cost and payment terms.

Cute expressions
Photo courtesy of 3PM Studio

The ring
Photo courtesy of Armadale Weddings

A jubilant groom
Photo courtesy of Aplind Yew Production

Some suggestions :

  • Choose a vendor who is adept at a wide range of weddings, as this showcases their curious mind and willingness to learn about other cultures and traditions.
  • Although contractual terms protect both parties, be sure to be flexible when the situation calls for it so that everyone involved can work well together and with a common mindset, that is to create a wedding film that will be cherished in time to come.

An intimate moment
Photo courtesy of Drawn Production

First dance
Photo courtesy of Motion In Style


Tip : Secure your preferred cinematographer early by paying a booking deposit promptly and upfront. Check out our wedding partners listed here.