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Of Fleeting Moments

Dec 01, 2019

One of the biggest days of your lives, and your families’ too. So many well-wishers, so much to undertake, so much to experience. And undoubtedly, as always in such happy occasions, such memorable moments just fly by. Indeed, for both the bride and groom, it is also not possible to be everywhere and be with everyone at once. As such, having a professional team to document this milestone in the form of a wedding film is imperative.

Groom getting ready
 Photo by Pixel Tree, courtesy of Motion In Style

The bride and groom
 Photo courtesy of Light Feather Studios

First and foremost, short list a few cinematographers whose work may have caught your eye. Then consider the following :

  • The budget you have set aside.
  • The price points of their packages.
  • Their availability on your wedding day.
  • How well you get along.

Happy indeed
 Photo courtesy of

A kiss for the newlyweds
 Photo  courtesy of 3PM Studio

Some advice :

  • Good cinematographers get booked early, so do pay a deposit to secure them soonest possible.
  • If they do not already know each other, introduce your cinematographer to your photographer so that they can coordinate with each other on how to fully capture your wedding day.

The bridal party
 Photo courtesy of Armadale Weddings

Kids performing a traditional Chinese wedding ritual
 Photo courtesy of SA Wedding Studio

A few more suggestions :

  • Instead of asking for a discount, perhaps see if they are able to value-add to the package you are keen on.
  • Prepare your cinematography team meal vouchers for them to have dinner prior to the commencement of your wedding banquet.

 The newlyweds
 Photo courtesy of Drawn Production

 Photo courtesy of Momenz Creation

 Photo by LaFame Bridal Mansion, courtesy of Subtle Films

First dance
 Photo courtesy of Cine Wedding Studio

Tip : Do allocate a reasonable budget for a wedding video. Check out the cinematographers listed here.