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Sep 01, 2019

Often, brides-to-be tend to already have a notion of the type of wedding gown they wish to wear prior to visiting bridal salons or gown designers. While it is good to have an inkling of what you may like, it is also important to be willing to try on the gowns available off-the-rack when heading to the shops, more so if the gowns are recommended by the designers or service personnel. The adage ‘you won’t really know how it looks unless you try it’ certainly holds true as a gown hanging off a hanger may look totally different once it is on you.

A range of bridal gowns to try
Photo courtesy of Imprezz Gallery

A plunging neckline and armhole
Photo by GP Photolab, courtesy of Jojo Bridal Design

A lace gown with train
Photo by ZA Gallery, courtesy of Eleusis

Strapless gown with overlay detailing
Photo by, courtesy of Simply Gorgeous Bridal

Whether you choose to rent or custom-make, try them on :

  • The different silhouettes will look different on you, allowing you to have a better idea of which shapes enhance your figure.
  • The various fabrics have their respective textures.
  • The weight of varying fabrics will determine how each gown falls when worn.
  • Do you prefer an embellished creation or one that is more minimal in nature?
  • How do gowns with differing train lengths look on you?

A halterneck gown
Photo by Armadale Weddings, courtesy of Inzpire

Elegant gown with illusion neckline
Photo courtesy of Silver Hearts Bridal

Gown with a bolero
Photo by Grant Corban Weddings, courtesy of Eleena Lamat

A streamlines strapless gown
Photo courtesy of Emcee Bridal, byMeichi

A few tips :

  • Wear appropriate undergarments when planning to try on gowns. Typically, a strapless bra is most versatile in most cases.
  • Put on some heels.
  • Wear minimal makeup to avoid staining the dresses.
  • Bring one or two persons along if you wish, but do avoid an entourage as too many opinions will confuse you.
  • Trust the instinct and taste of the designer.
  • Fix an appointment and be punctual.

How a gown hangs on a hanger can be vastly different from
when being worn
Photo courtesy of Imprezz Gallery

A peekaboo back
Photo courtesy of Imprezz Gallery

Off shoulder chiffon gown
Photo by Playlife Studio, courtesy of That Special Occasion


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