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Translation Of Ideas

Aug 01, 2020

The collaboration between the wedding planner and appointed vendors is an important one as this is where the ideas generated between the couple and the planner are translated into actual representations be it wedding attire, stationery, cake and the like. This is even more important now in view of the new societal norms we are experiencing, where new protocols may need to be taken into consideration when planning for your nuptials.

Intimate vows may be the new trend 
Photo by Arch & Vow Studio, courtesy of Wishhper

Alfresco receptions could be an option
Photo by Snap by Three, courtesy of Touching Hearts Wedding Concepts

Vows on a yacht perhaps 
Photo courtesy of Tesoro Island Wedding

Ceremony in an outdoor location may be preferred
Photo by Alextan Artworks, courtesy of Sugar & Spice Events

Take note of the following :

  • The SOPs that need to be adhered to, should there be any, in the eyes of the law as well as the venues where your wedding is being held.
  • Safety and security of yourselves, your family and invited guests need to be at the forefront of any wedding plan.

Romantic settings will still be a desire 
Photo by Perfect Moment Studio, courtesy of Sincerité Wedding & Events

The tea ceremony tradition will continue 
Photo by Ray Eoh Photography, courtesy of Significant Weddings & Events Consultant

The little details will still count 
Photo courtesy of Promesse Wedding Designer

Creative and thematic ideas will still be valued
Photo by Edwin Tan Photography, courtesy of My Wedding Planner

Nevertheless, enjoy the planning process :

  • It is still a milestone that needs to be celebrated wholeheartedly.
  • Creativity and innovation know no bounds when it comes to conceptualising a memorable celebration.
  • Be open to new ideas proposed by your team of vendors.

Stage décor and entertainment will still be components of the banquet 
Photo by Arch & Vow Studio, courtesy of Marvelleous by Jeff Weddings

Natural elements will be a feature
Photo by Omelette Studio, courtesy of LYS Wedding & Event Styling

Outdoor dining and rustic themes 
Photo by CK & Winnie Photography, courtesy of Love & Love Weddings And Events

Wedding themes still need to be conceptualised
Photo by Sunnysan Photography, courtesy of Joyew Management

Banquets still need to be held
Photo by Louis Loo Professional Photography, courtesy of Jovita Lo Weddings

A few more tips :

  • Communicate ideas clearly and thoroughly.
  • Perhaps offer sketches or a mood board as a visualisation tool.
  • Let the planner have overall thematic control but leave the creative process to the experts.
  • Discuss budgets and rely on the creativity of the professionals to stretch it to the maximum effect.

Couples will still admire novel concepts
Photo by Louis Gan Photography, courtesy of Hera & C Moments

Celebration of local produce and cuisine
 Photo by LaFame Bridal Mansion, courtesy of Eventistry

Bridesmaids and groomsmen will still be a part of weddings 
Photo by Mphotoo, courtesy of Elysium Weddings

Couples will still love beach weddings
Photo courtesy of Dream Couture

 Planning banquets with social distancing will be the role of a planner
Photo by Craft3rd Weddings by JP Productions


Tip : Trust your planner. Have a look here and here.