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A Big Entourage

May 01, 2020

Name of couple: Noelle and Vincent

Venue: Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur and the groom’s family home

Vendors: Avalon Bridal Couture                                    

Marcus of Avalon Bridal Couture shares his thoughts on this wedding … ‘The large entourage for the bride and groom, 13 “heng-dais” and 13 “jee-muis”, certainly made the wedding extremely festive. With all of them being longtime friends, the gate crashing session was more like a fun-filled get together since they had not met for a while due to work and family commitments. So much laughter and hilarious moments. It was not just a celebration of a good friend’s wedding but a celebration of friendship’.

The groom gets ready

Makeup and hair for the bride

Parents of the groom


A vintage car to fetch the bride


Veiling the bride

Awaiting angpow to open the car door

Gate crashing games

Group pic

 A kiss

 Escorting the couple

Tea ceremony

A tender moment

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