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A Lovely Day

May 01, 2020

Name of couple: Tarveen and Calvin

Venue: Church Of St Thomas More, USJ and Ruyi, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Vendors: Grant Corban Weddings, Nook Flowers, Pretty In White, Esteem Tailor, Ardana Haran Bridal and Ram Nandrajog                     

Grant of Grant Corban Photography shares his thoughts … ‘This was our first wedding of 2020 and what a lovely one it was. The couple were beautiful and a delight to work with. Calvin took most of the load for planning the big day off his beautiful wife and it went very smoothly. The wedding was at St Thomas More in USJ which is a nice church to work in. The mezzanine floor is quite high up which is advantageous for getting some interesting angles as well as the larger group photos. The real fun in the service was due to the minister being a family friend, so the service was quite informal and featured humorous anecdotes as well as the opportunity to challenge some of the bachelors to make the marital commitment themselves. The Wedding Breakfast (that's the official name for the first meal after the wedding!) was lunch at Ruyi in Bangsar Shopping Centre. Good atmosphere and a mezzanine floor. I love multiple angles for covering weddings and hopefully you can see this in the attached photos. There were some good natured contests between the families and overall it was a lovely day’.

The bride and her bridesmaids

Down the aisle

Wedding ceremony underway

 Religious ceremony

A group photo

The main table

The newlyweds

The couple arrives for the wedding breakfast

Overview of the reception

Wedding cake


 Cake cutting

First dance


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