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A Whirlwind Of Emotions

Feb 01, 2020

Name of Couple : Eileen and Don

Venue : Tanarimba, Janda Baik

Vendor : Aplind Yew Production, Janice Make Up and Dreamz Moment Wedding Specialist

Thoughts of the team from Aplind Yew Production … ‘People might think that weddings are the biggest celebration of love. Yes, it’s true. But, do not forget that in order to celebrate the journey of love you don’t need just one big celebration because you can even start with small things and make it as meaningful as possible. To keep the sparks alive, to keep the butterflies fluttering in your bellies, you also have to celebrate the little things. Eileen and Don’s wedding ceremony was so emotional. Every little step they took created a whirlwind of emotions and at one point, yes we couldn’t help ourselves from tearing up. The procession of their union was so meaningful that it made the celebration feel even more festive. Congratulations to Eileen and Don, and may you spend forever looking at each other with admiration.’

Ceremony in natural surrounds

Floral arch with double happiness

A light hearted moment


Vibrant hues

Cake cutting


Table setting

A change of attire

The happy couple


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