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Each A Unique Wedding

Aug 01, 2020

Name of couple: Mira and Faiq

Venue: Ambassador Putrajaya

Vendors: MedyandMika Productions, Arifah Hot Oven and Eventistry

Izhar of MedyandMika Productions shares his thoughts on this wedding … ‘We met the couple for the first time during the bride’s sister’s wedding and got connected right away. To document their wedding day would be challenging as it should look different from the bride’s sister’s. Because for us, each wedding is unique, and we therefore decided to focus on the characters of the bride and groom. From the start until the portraiture session after their wedding reception, they kept smiling at each other, helped and assisted in any way, and it felt like two best friends who were getting married! Plus, energetic and super fun, that is how we can define their characters. It felt great to work with a couple like them, to capture moments of love. It certainly made us determined to do more. We are just in love with love!

The bride getting ready

Groom's attire

Beautiful setup for the reception


The couple arrives


Cake cutting


Bouquet toss


A loving pose

The newlyweds

An intimate portrait


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