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Happy Vibes Of A Wedding

Dec 28, 2016

Name of couple : Yen Yen and Albert

Venue : The Edison George Town for picking-up the bride ceremony; Parkroyal Resort Penang for the exchange of vows and banquet  

Wedding experts : Significant Weddings & Events Consultant, Ohara Florist, Eunis Tan, Amanda Lam, Mocco Studio, Motion In Style, Evon Lye, Rozz & Band as well as Auntie Marry

A worldly couple who have lived in various cities, Yen Yen and Albert met in Shanghai, and having negotiated distance and different cultural upbringing, their shared sense of humour, love of dogs and passion for traveling were also catalysts in bringing them together as a couple. For wedding planner Jason of Significant Weddings & Events Consultant as well as his team of vendors, the trust placed in them by the couple was instrumental in galvanising their enthusiasm to create the most memorable wedding for the newlyweds.

Double happiness

The groom's entourage

The bride's entourage


Happy faces

Outdoor ceremony

Penang, being Yen Yen’s homestate was chosen as the location for the nuptials. As many among the guests were visitors from abroad, it was also an opportunity for them to see the sights and sample the culinary delights that the island has to offer. Among the highlights of the wedding :

  • The pick-the-bride and tea ceremonies as well as luncheon featuring Penang street food, were held at The Edison George Town, a heritage hotel owned by the bride’s relatives. In fact, Albert was the very first guest to check into this brand new property, at the time. 
  • The witty vows and humourous atmosphere at the exchange of vows, hosted alfresco at the Parkroyal Penang Resort, was an integral part of the casual gathering of family and close friends.
  • An interesting composition of the bridal party; the groom’s entourage consisted of 4 men and 2 ladies whereas the bride’s team was made up of 5 women and a guy. 
  • The bride placing comfort above all else, donning a pair of sneakers for the garden wedding and reception thereafter.

Bridal party


Wishes and blessings





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