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Just As Heartwarming And Magical

Jun 01, 2020

Name of couple : Eunice and Andrew

Venue : Visitor Centre, Tanarimba

Vendors : Eventistry, Art of Love by The Nitty Gritty, Arifah Hot Oven, MunKeat Studio, Beni Films, VW Bug Collector, Ola Cacti, The Two Pineapples, Rosa Sposa, Flo.Rill KL, Lex Low, Makeup Miracle Academy & Workshop, Acadia Card and Brickhouse Group

Always looking for a silver lining, the team at Eventistry share their thoughts … ‘Sometimes, unexpected changes occur no matter how much planning has been done. Eunice and Andrew have always dreamt of having an outdoor wedding ceremony but unfortunately it rained heavily on their wedding day and we had to proceed with Plan B, an indoor ceremony in the halls of Tanarimba Visitor Centre. Despite not being the couple's first choice, the ceremony turned out just as heartwarming and magical. A cosy and intimate setting, guests were well-sheltered from the weather and comfortably seated to witness the holy matrimony under fairylights. The newlyweds are kind and caring; the pair gave a lot of thought into showing their appreciation for friends and family. Personalised wedding favours were prepared, tagged with individual guests’ names and a thank you message from the couple themselves. Dried fruit snack favours for the kids and overseas guests, while the rest received lovely succulents. The wedding day coordination was also a collaborative effort with our dear friends from Art of Love. At Eventistry, we believe in #communityovercompetition. By combining our creative forces together with other planners, we are able to reach beyond clients' expectations and uplift each other in the process! It was a great experience working together and we look forward to more collaborations with others in the future’.

The setting for the wedding

The bride and her entourage

Parents veiling the bride

Wedding cake

Dessert table


Set for the reception

Props for photos


Lighting the unity candle



A kiss


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