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Sincere And Heartfelt

Aug 01, 2020

Name of couple: Janet and Joshua

Venue: King’s Park, Perth, Australia

Vendors: Craft3rd Weddings by JP Productions, Crafted Entertainment and Everysnap Photography

The team from Craft3rd Weddings by JP Productions had this to say about the wedding … ‘It was an intimate outdoor garden wedding celebrated with close friends and family, not only from Australia but also all the way from Malaysia, Singapore as well as London. The most meaningful part of the wedding was when the couple exchanged their vows expressing their love towards each other in their own sincere and heartfelt words, each promising to cherish the other till the end of their days. To make the occasion even more beautiful, the parents from both sides took the time to say a few words of blessing for the couple and welcomed them into their respective families. It was a truly blissful wedding, a dream wedding for the lovely bride and groom’.

Lovely portraits of the couple

The bride's entourage

Arrival at the wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony underway

Exchange of vows

Happy moments

A beautiful image of the couple


The newlyweds

Group photo


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