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Surprising Themes Indeed

Feb 01, 2020

Name of Couple : Cassey and Jeff

Venue : Copper Mansion and homes of the bride and groom

Vendor : Armadale Weddings and Sincerité Wedding & Events

The team of Armadale Weddings was indeed taken by surprise … ‘While we are always in awe of white contemporary wedding gowns, traditional Chinese wedding attire like qipao and qunkua, usually in red to symbolise auspiciousness and good fortune, never fail to amaze us with their unique beauty. Just as we thought we have seen it all, after documenting countless of weddings, Cassey and Jeff proved us wrong with their surprising choice of traditional Chinese attire, not in red, but blue! This really did come as a breath of fresh air in terms of wedding fashion trend, but not at all inappropriate. If you don’t already know, the colour blue is associated with the Wood element in Chinese culture, which symbolises growth, longevity and harmony. Taking the blue of the sky, the ancient Chinese also used blue to denote heavenly blessings. Add to that, a wedding banquet set to the theme of 007 - James Bond with a touch of Casino detail. What made it unique and special was the décor, with royal blue and gold, as well as poker cards around the hall. They also chose a very different song for their first march in, the theme song of 007!’

Bride and her parents

Groom and his parents



Games underway

Such a happy moment

Family photo

Father of the bride escorting the newlyweds

Tea ceremony

Welcome signage

Wedding banquet

Thematic backdrop

We're two of a kind

Take a treat

Newlyweds's entrance

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