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The Beauty Of Tradition

Mar 01, 2020

Name of couple: Mee Chen and Yoong Shang

Venue: Homes of the bride and groom

Vendors: Liang Yuan Enterprise, Twins Photography and Bean Cinematography                                                

Liang Yuan Enterprise, an authentic Chinese wedding specialist, aims to preserve the traditional Chinese wedding heritage in Malaysia. They certainly attained such an aspiration with Mee Chen and Yoong Shang, as evidenced by some of the thoughts of the couple …

‘For us, the Qun Kua is the one and only symbolic wedding costume in Chinese wedding heritage. We hope these elegant outfits will bring good luck, happiness and a blessed marriage life. We opted for the hand-embroidered Qun Kua instead of the commonly available machine-embroidered designs as there is a huge difference in terms of quality and beauty’.

‘With a passion to preserve culture and tradition, we decided to set the actual wedding theme to Chinese oriental style and chose to dress up in Qun Kua. Our family, groomsmen and bridesmaids were all dressed up traditionally too. There were other Chinese wedding traditions that we chose to follow, including betrothal ceremony, the use of traditional wedding invitation cards, gate crashing game ideas, pray to the ancestors, tea ceremony, eating the glutinous rice ball soup, also known as Tang Yuan’.

‘We were both very obsessed with the traditional style of Qun Kua and how each detail carries its respective meaning. The embroidery technique is the primary component we both looked into when we were choosing the Qun Kua. Second reason that was being factored in would be the size availability as myself is very petite in size. The last reason would be the hand-sewn details on the master piece, for example embroidered dragon and phoenix, that represent the blessings to the newlyweds. Last but not least, we both preferred to have a more reddish Qun Kua as we felt that marriage is a double happiness from 2 families.’

The groom and his parents

Parents veiling the bride

The groom's entourage

 Gate crashing games

Tea ceremony

The wedding party

The newlyweds leaving the bride's family home

The bride and her bridesmaids

An enthusiastic bridal party

Happy smiles indeed

 Double happiness

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