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The Merging Of Family, Culture And Tradition

May 01, 2020

Name of Couple : Hui Ru and Shri

Venue : The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Vendor : My Wedding Planner, Te’amo MY, Tagbooth, Armadale Weddings, Peter Herman Photography, Adam Izzy and Xiao by Crustz

The thoughts of My Wedding Planner … ‘Marriage is not just between two persons, it is also the combination of two families, culture and tradition. An Indian groom and Chinese bride, Shri and Hui Ru were the epitome of sharing love during their wedding and it was beautiful to see the merging of their ethnicities, culture and tradition. It was also wonderful to see Shri and his family partaking in the Chinese traditions of ‘gate crashing’ and serving tea to the elders. With the witness of family and friends, their love is truly blessed’.

Heading to fetch his bride


The newlyweds

The wedding party

Tea ceremony

Lovely smiles

Table setting

Heading to their wedding reception

The jubilant couple

A romantic moment




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