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When Love Is Celebrated

Dec 01, 2020

Name of couple: Kitt Mun and Keefe

Venue: The Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Vendors: Art Of Love by The Nitty Gritty, Adam Ong Photography, Art Of Love Props Rental, That White Dress, SuYen Pang Artistry, Trees On The Moon, Fotobox and MDT Music Enterprise

The event planners from Art Of Love by The Nitty Gritty have these thoughts to share … ‘A meaningful wedding is when love is celebrated, and Kitt Mun and Keefe’s wedding is on top of our list and we loved every bit of this wedding. We had our first encounter when we were hired to plan Keefe’s father’s birthday several years ago. When we got a call from the couple that they were tying the knot, we were jumping for joy, as it felt as though members of our family were engaged. Kitt Mun and Keefe are both down to earth, caring and loving. They understood that a wedding involves a lot of nitty-gritty, and did not meddle. They treated people with respect, making the entire wedding planning journey enjoyable for all that were involved, including their invited guests. Through this wedding, we experienced many levels of close relationships. Relationship with their parents and siblings, tight friendships, time spent with the elderly. Their very good friend took on the role as wedding emcee (that rocked the entire wedding), their brother illustrated a picture as a gift, their mothers decorated their homes personally for the tea ceremony and more. Indeed love was celebrated at every moment throughout their wedding planning journey. And this, is the reason why, we started our wedding planning journey 10 years ago’.

Custom setting for photography

Guests registration

The details

Beautiful photos of the newlyweds

Entrance to the ballroom

The newlyweds

Floral arches

Main table centrepiece

Place setting

Romantic candles

Flora and fauna

Flickering lights


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