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Eleena has her very own personal way of making the faces she work on look lovely and wonderful. Described by her fellow friends as a very humble and down-to-earth makeup artist, she prefers working on everyday women rather than celebrities or artists. "Most celebrities has beautiful skins as they always able to maintain them regularly. However, working with everyday women is so much different! With so many skin conditions, facial bone structures, characters and personalities, I think working on each faces gives me the ultimate challenge!." As a freelance makeup artist, Eleena works quietly all over Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and sometimes overseas for photo shoots, weddings, fashion shows, beauty pageants and other commercial projects. Recently Eleena's work has been published in several local Malaysian magazines such as, Seri Dewi & Keluarga, Malaysia's Bridal Guide, as well as the upcoming Malay bridal magazine Ratu Sehari and WeddingsMalaysia Guide 2007, making her one of the highly-sought after female makeup artist known fondly for working closely with brides in numerous weddings. Her range of clients are vast. From Malays, Indians, Chinese, Caucasians to Punjabis, local as well as international nationalities. They all have sought her expertise known for transforming a plain girl into the absolute shining star for that special occasions. Eleena has a her very own approach to style, which she describes as simple and realistic: "The key is to enhance, not to recreate. I love to bring out the strongest feature in each person's faces by highlighting them. Of course, having and using the right products on the right places can bring out the natural beauty in each person."

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