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Exes Studio is one of the pioneers in contemporary wedding photography, be it pre-wedding or actual day photography. Headed by Patrick Low and his team of artists, Exes Studio strives to document these precious moments in life for couples who are embarking on the marital journey. Whether just for a couple of hours or a celebration that lasts several days, the photography team from Exes Studio offers couples flexibility in terms of packages as well as customisation, catering to budgets that meet the requirements of those who are soon-to-be-wed.

Patrick Low – Founder Of Exes Studio

30 years is a long time and when one has had the opportunity to be involved in various facets of an industry, one reaps the benefits of the gamut of experiences and faces the future with even more enthusiasm. Patrick Low, founder of Exes Studio, is one such person.

Having begun his career as a commercial photographer in the fields of conceptual, architectural and corporate photography, Patrick later ventured into wedding photography where he attained numerous awards in recognition of his creative, emotive and artistic photojournalistic style. At this stage of his career, Patrick now focuses on education, imparting his knowledge to other upcoming photographers as well as coaching the younger generation. Strategic planning for branding purposes is also one area he involves himself in, both through traditional and new media.

In the next stage of his career, Patrick is enthusiastic about exploring new horizons in the photography field he still has much passion for. Organising conferences and workshops, photo festivals as well as workshops will occupy much of his time. However, his aspiration of changing lives and touching hearts will also see him embark on charitable projects with collaborative partners that he has come to know well throughout his journey. The future is indeed something to look forward to.

We Make Pictures Speak!

When an image of a moment in time is paired with an audio visual narrative, it truly reflects the saying ‘a picture can speak a thousand words’. That particular memory of that instance, immediately comes alive when triggered by a video that appeals to the sense of sight and sound.

This is possible by embedding a video clip in the image and then activating the audio visual footage via EXAR app.

Whether used for commercial purposes or as a sentimental reminder of a personal memory, our ‘call to action’ button enables you, the viewer, to have an enhanced engaging experience with the photo and ensuing video. For newlyweds, content creators, retailers, publishers and the like, our app provides you with the opportunity to have more interactive communication with the viewer, perfect to elicit a response or encourage action.

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