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Golden Sands Resort

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11100 PENANG
TEL. +60 4 886 1911

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The glorious sun basks its rays through the curtains to announce morning's arrival. Through the windows, you see hints of a blue sky. Your lips relax into a slight smile as you feel a surge of energy. You are at Shangri-La's Golden Sands Resort, Penang. It is hard to resist walking to the wrap-around balcony of your room to admire the lovely day that awaits you. The coconut palms stand tall on the Batu Feringgi Beach with their lush, evergreen leaves perfectly complementing the cerulean blue of the ocean. A gentle knock on the door tells you that breakfast has arrived. As you savour the American breakfast on your balcony, you take in the sights around you. At the beach, families are already deep in the action, shaping golden sand into architectural masterpieces. Joyous laughter wafts through the air. Lured by their exuberance, you head for a stroll on the beach. Digging your toes into the sand, you take every step carefully, mindful of any delicate seashells that you might catch sight of along the way. A hermit crab surprises you with its sudden appearance. You watch closely as it manoeuvres into an almost flawless shell nearby – amazed by nature's little wonders. Before night falls, you head to Sigi's Bar and Grill on the Beach. The wooden panel floors are a nice touch and you simply adore the rustic gazebos that house your dining table. You ask to have the chef?s recommendations as you sit back into the cushioned seats, in anticipation of a magnificent sunset and a delectable dinner. Let time linger, because the pleasures never cease at Golden Sands Resort, Penang.

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