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At Heaven’s Gift, we are passionate about producing luxury bespoke celebrations that perfectly reflects the unique personality and needs of the host. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all template; every celebration deserves meticulous crafting. From large-scale set constructions to the most intricate soft details, the hallmark of every Heaven’s Gift event is our commitment to precision and creativity, to create that spectacular and delightful experience for our clients and their guests.

For more than 14 years, Heaven’s Gift has stayed true to our reputation as the brand for producing high-end, elegant celebrations in Singapore and the region in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Chennai, Sri Lanka, Tokyo and Seychelles. With our impeccable attention to details, inventive creativity and dedication to seamless execution, we remain the top choice for discerning clients seeking one-of-a-kind and stress-free special events and celebrations.

Through the years of producing innovative and sophisticated events with a consistent commitment to precision and creativity, we desire to see the next generation of wedding planners professionally trained and equipped with skills to grow the weddings and events industry. Hence, Heaven’s Gift Academy was birthed with the mission to impart industry knowledge, business know-how and strategies to our students and apprentices so that they can become highly sought-after crème de la crème in the Wedding and Special Events Industry in Singapore and Asia.