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Passionate. Inspirational. Memorable. These are the 3 key principals that the team at Jovita Lo Weddings abide by for the last 16 years. Founded by renowned wedding planner, Jovita Lo herself, the team plans, coordinates, and executes every wedding with pinpoint precision, making every event an enjoyable occasion for the wonderful couple and their guests. It’s a very important occasion, it is all about smiles, and it is all about making sure that you and your guests remember that day as one of the happiest day in your lives. We totally understand it and we live by it. Jovita has been featured in many magazines, articles, interviews and is the first wedding planner in Malaysia to feature an iTunes application dedicated to wedding impressions called ‘Wedding Ideas by Jovita Lo’. She has also been invited to teach wedding planning courses, diplomas and degrees. 
Engaging a wedding planner need not be a luxury. It can help you save both time and money. Hiring us means that you can forget about all the stress involved in sourcing various and unfamiliar suppliers and the timing of each step of the planning process. We’ve been doing it for 16 years, we can share with you what we know and how we kind of ‘Got Married’ so many times before. You can still enjoy the planning with us but without the fuss and madness. Then just focus on enjoying the run up to the special day… simply turn up and look fabulous!
We plan and coordinate many clients from out of town, helping them materialize their ideas while they are away and them just having to turn up a week or two before the wedding day and experience the magic. Choosing a right wedding planner is important. You have to feel comfortable with them and trust them to get your ideas executed right. Almost all our clients have been a referral from another happy couple. 
Call us and book a free initial consultation to discuss all of your individual requirements and ideas with us, in person. 
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