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I'm Kane, the man who hides behind the camera, chasing light, observing for a great story. My journey is one of being self-taught and taking in surrounding inspirations.
I did a lot of seeking to find what a photograph is so distinguished for. I looked up the meaning of love and it means the pure and raw emotion to keep human beings together. What a photographer should do. In my later journey, I have thought about and found a happy person in capturing life, the stories, the feelings and the expressions. Every subject is just unique and so are my clients. They are one of a kind that can bring a sensibility into their own photograph and eventually create moments that are honest, energetic and inviting. Simply put, I’m obsessed with the art of love and look for any opportunity to showcase the real, unimitable images.
As much as I’m passionate in making photographs, I believe that natural light often pairs well with the great photograph of love. It’s a bit of my concept, frankly. But on my portfolio, I want you to be able to feel the way you were at that point, even after years. Simplicity and love.
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