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Nothing lasts forever except for memories tucked in between the pages of an album. Steve Tan of SA Wedding Studio loves creating pictures that clients are proud of and his artistic skills are best shown in his photojournalistic style.

In Steve’s opinion, it is important to keep tabs of the evolving market conditions and what styles are most favoured by couples. He believes that pre-wedding shoots will always be in demand, and it is also a fun way to get to know your photographer before the big day. It also offers excellent images to be shown during your wedding reception.

Shopping for a wedding photographer entails much research. The best way for couples to evaluate the competency of a wedding photographer is to get a recommendation from someone reputable and if there is more than one recommendation and the same photographer’s name comes from different sources, all the better!

Other than wedding photography, SA Weddings Studio also offers a service to document your pre-wedding shoot and wedding day via an audio-visual manner. Have a look at some of their work via these links too :

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