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SS2U Wedding Chaperone Lady Service

In this modern era, ‘Dai Kam Jie’ or also known as the Chaperone Lady is arguably considered as a professional practice which requires a specific high level of skillset and a deep understanding of Chinese traditions. Being a ChaperonE Lady requires her to be competent, charismatic, knowledgeable and most importantly to be very sociable and likable. In this modern day, there are also male chaperones that can offer similar services as well. And some Chaperones are very talented that they do provides stage entertainment services as well.

Brides and grooms deserve to enjoy this once in a lifetime event. Rather than having the couple or their parents hold a list full of Do’s and Don’ts on their special day, SS2U provides an affordable price for Dai Kam Jie service and it will certainly be a worthwhile investment.

A Chaperone Lady possess these traits to fit their roles :

  • Have at least 5 years and above of experience in this industry.
  • Presentable and ‘Auspicious’ looking.
  • Resourceful, observant, quick to change and adapt to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Charismatic, humorous, good with rhymes and idioms and a sweet talker.
  • Well-versed in many languages, which includes Mandarin or Cantonese and variety of Chinese Dialects (Cantonese, Hakka, Hokkien and many more). Well-verse in English is an added advantage especially for a mixed marriage.
  • Good with engaging with crowds and clients.
  • Deep understanding and familiar with customs, traditions and ceremonial details.
  • Flexible and responsible.
  • Team player and experienced in liaising and coordinating with other vendors and wedding planners.

Our Chaperone Ladies’ duties :

  • Lead the newlyweds in any traditional customary ceremonies and rituals.
  • Advise or assist to prepare products for the Betrothal Ceremony.
  • Advise or assist in Dowry preparation.
  • Advise or assist in the bridal bed installation.
  • Manage the Wedding Day Prayer.
  • Conduct the Tea Ceremony.
  • Conduct the hair-dressing ritual for Bride (by request).
  • Accompany and assist the travelling of the bride to the groom’s place.
  • Ensure the nelyweds follow the tradition, customs and protocols (with the consideration of both bride and groom’s family beliefs).
  • Advise in the phrases that people should and should not say throughout the whole ceremony.
  • Control and enlighten the atmosphere of the venue.

To be able to play a part in your special day, witnessing and enjoying the moment together is our pleasure.  Our team of ‘Dai Kum Jies’ is definitely fit for the job as they have been in the industry for more than 5 years. Their skillsets are no doubt top in the class and they just have this vibe which charms everyone they engage with. It is love and passion that drives them. They just love seeing people falling in love together and testify their love through this significant bond of marriage. Our ‘Dai Kum Jies’ also feel the responsibility to preserve the beauty and significance of Chinese traditions. Most youngsters these days do not understand the meaning and symbolism behind the tradition, hence it is slowly being neglected and forgotten. Therefore, we try our best to twist certain ceremonies to comply to the modern era without amending the core meaning of it, so that it will still have a contemporary feel to it. So, if you need us to be part of your wedding and make sure everything is in order, just give us a buzz and we will have you all covered.