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Touching Hearts Wedding Concepts is a service provider based in Penang Island. We specialize in planning and coordinating weddings. As wedding planners we work closely with our wedding couples and/or their family members to plan, coordinate and execute memorable weddings that are a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all. We propose and conceptualize ideas for the wedding based on the couple's requirements and budget. At the same time we work closely and extensively with service providers such as hotels, florists, venue decorators, photographers, videographers, entertainers, card designers and bakers, ensuring that our wedding couples enjoy quality service and products as agreed upon during the planning process. A wedding is a very meaningful and special occasion to both the couple and their respective family members. It is also a time where relatives and friends travel from far and near to celebrate this joyous occasion. By engaging our services, the couple will have peace of mind knowing that someone is doing all the meticulous planning and all details are taken care of. The wedding couple and family members can then enjoy the wedding celebration with their family and friends. Many couples have told us that it is nice to have a wedding planner to guide and advise them during the whole planning process as it will make the process less tedious and they can actually make decisions more effectively. For couples who are out of town, they feel comfortable when they engage us as they are assured that someone is overseeing their wedding arrangements and we are able to work with their parents to take the pressure off them. Couples appreciate our service as we are able to provide them with relevant information such as suitability and availability of a reception venue and quality and costs of related suppliers. At times, we act as the couple's liaison, resolving disputes and smoothing over rough spots that may inevitably be present during the period leading up to and on the wedding day. Whether it's a celebration for two or two thousand, our job is to ensure that your special day turns out perfect. Our services will include amongst others, planning a comfortable budget, preparing a checklist, preparing itineraries for the wedding ceremony and reception and on-site coordination to ensure that everything goes on without a hitch. Leave the stress and worry to us. We offer a warm, friendly, upfront approach to wedding couples. Commitment to excellence, attention to details and personal service will ensure that you, your family, and your guests experience a magical day with touching moments...

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